andrew sampson

No other picture has brewed in my imagination as much as this one.

I used to imagine the fish swallowing Jonah as primarily a punishment, the greatest grounding nature could give. Reading Jonah again, a different picture appeared – a man sinking into the depths swooped into life.

For a long time, I’ve quietly wanted this picture to exist. It took me a while to accept that I wasn’t willing to learn how to draw to make it happen. Once I accepted that, it was a surprisingly smooth process finding the artist for the role.

Use this picture however you like. I’d love to hear what it pulls out for you or what you use it for.


a personal problem, need, frustration, sometimes with a perceived solution

food for the entrepreneur; not substantial and finely presented


a person who shares an entrée to someone more likely to act on it

a secret giver, glass-half-empty flipper


email me your entrée (100 words max) and i’ll place it below

zero-waste reach flosser – your idea!

I wanted to share a drawing of Jonah and the whale reimagined where anyone could see it or use it and social media wouldn’t do. The picture needed it’s own home. Somewhere to chill – free from agenda.

A couple writers (, inspired me as I devoured their work.

I’d like to test, express and discover what I have to say. It feels like the public writing process is perfect for this. I’m cautiously optimistic!

Time between photos = 164 days.

Time spent per day directly on the bridge = 1 minute.

Crazy right?

What I’ve been doing to get this

5 reps of bridge push ups, holding the last rep for 5-10 seconds (video here). On the days I didn’t want to bridge, I’d do a passive back bend on a yoga wheel – I’ve found the yoga wheel (basically a cylinder) a really helpful tool.

I’ve also been stretching the hip flexors via the couch stretch and front splits attempts – about 1.5 min max per day total on those two stretches.